Tonight I’m at the Comedy Palace for US4Warriors :)

The Comedy Palace is always a fun venue to kick back and get some laughs .. it’s fun for me and it’ll be fun for the audience as well tonight. Will C tours all over the country doing shows, and tonight’s he’s joined by Tony Calabrese and Bijan Mostafavi who are 2 of San Diego’s favorites. These shows are always fun because the audience is coming to just have a good time and it’s for a great cause. Showtime 8pm. Doors open 7pm. Only $20 at the door. See you at the Comedy Palace tonight 🙂


Zoltan Headlines December 28th at Valentin’s in Spring Valley!

December 28th at Valentin’s 7PM, ZOLTAN takes the stage! Originally from Budapest, Zoltan has made a name for himself in the San Diego Comedy scene and nationally by winning The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The San Diego Comedy Festival,  San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest and The Rockstar Energy Drink Comedy Throwdown. If you’ve seen any clips of his comedy, you’re probably already marking your calendar, but if that weren’t enough, Valentin’s goes above and beyond to bring their customers incredible drinks and Mexican food to rival the best in San Diego. We’ll also have Laura Hayden, Andrew Tarr, and Maria Herman on this show, so don’t miss out! Make your reservation by calling (619)-669-1979

Come join us Thursday 7PM at Valentin’s – 12891 Hwy 94 Spring Valley, CA 91978

2 Fab Holiday Shows at Comedy Heights

Comedy Heights is my home away from home. My ‘joie de vivre’ in the comedy world if you like. It’s a small ‘green room’ next to a sleepy coffee shop in University Heights, San Diego California – and some nights it’s just magic. I book all manner of comedians who I’ve either seen in person, or who’ve heard about the show and send me a link to their set on youtube. It’s a busy time booking 10 comedians a week – but it’s so worth it. There’s just something about what happens at Comedy Heights that keeps me grounded in not only comedy, but in the connection with the real world and fellow human beings.

Providing a laugh and a hug every week in the same spot can be the something in someone’s life that actually means ‘something’. Take Tom Craven for example. Tom is one of our regular audience members who often times pays the rent before the show to treat us, and helps set up the room. It’s not like he’s got oodles of cash, or even a properly working right hand (after a nasty fall left his shoulder dislocated – twice). But coming to Comedy Heights is just part of Tom’s routine because we’ve become like family to him. This year was the second year my husband and I picked up Tom and brought him to our home for Thanksgiving. He’s epileptic and can’t drive a car, or even have a cell phone. He takes the bus everywhere and wouldn’t ask you for a favor ever. He’s who I think of when I think about Comedy Heights. Here’s a person who’s life is truly enriched by the personal connection and of course the comedy. Who couldn’t use a good laugh after all? But its the connection and the deeper friendship that is so much more gratifying. It’s the thing that makes me smile before I close my eyes at night.

And this is the stuff that makes we want to do a show on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve. This is where I want to celebrate the good things. It’s always fun – and it actually means something to someone. What could be better than that?

Thursday Night at the Comedy Palace

I host the Thursday show at the Comedy Palace every week and it’s a lot of fun – mostly. I say ‘mostly’ cos once in a while you have that night when an audience just doesn’t come together. It’s funny how it happens too. It’s not like they arrived on the same bus and agreed to not be cohesive when the show started. It’s like a flock of birds bumping into each other. I’m just standing there on stage with a big lump of bread going ‘Here Birdies’. Thursday night won’t be like that and I know it … the stars are aligned and DJ Sandhu, my comedian friend from Sacramento is headlining along with a stellar cast of hilarious people – like Matin Atrushi 🙂 Tony Calabrese and I will be breaking out our first ‘duo’ act and I am pretty excited about it. Mildly excited. Mostly. Come and find out what happens

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5 Star Rated Comedy … Did I really do this?

So a few years ago San Diego comedian Gina Manning recommended me to her then partner Al Gavi, saying I might be a good fit for Comedy Heights. A little hole in the wall comedy show in University Heights every other Saturday. I’d only been a stand up comic for a short time so Al took a risk taking me on board … but like the say ‘the rest is history’. I promised Al ‘If we build it they’ll come’ … and it worked. Al is the best partner ever! He just said ‘ok’ to all of my ideas and I went for it. I came up with a mission that kept up focused on our goals and we went to a weekly ‘clean comedy’ show packed with a diverse mix of strong comedians and fresh new talent. It’s worked. 2 years later we are still strong as ever and it’s my favorite room hands down because the audience rocks! We build a ‘kill room’ that comedians love and the audience keeps coming back to. Yay Team! It takes a village 🙂

maria herman 2

Bringing Aussie Schtick to the Dat Phan Show

I’m on the next 2 shows with the original winner of Last Comic Standing Dat Phan and I can’t wait. I’ve been lucky enough to host a few of the shows in the last few months and these are both going to be  fun as well. January 24 and February 28 .. both shows starting at 6pm on Sunday Nights. Perfect timing to actually get a parking spot in  La Jolla at the Comedy Store and still get home pretty early for your favorite Sunday Night TV 🙂 Just text me to get a hold of $10 tickets for the show. Don’t wait till the last minute – they ALWAYS sell out. No food at the Comedy Store .. just popcorn and yummy cocktails.

maria herman cp 25

TV Taping at the Comedy Store

Tony Calabrese and I are taping a TV Special at the Comedy Store Tuesday January 12th … the same day we try out for America’s Got Talent! I should buy a lottery ticket that day too I guess 🙂 If you want to be in the audience at the Comedy Store – showtime is 730pm. Doors open 7pm. Please text me 619 9933402 and I’ll hook you up with comp tickets. Laura Hayden is hosting the show and Charlene Mae is featuring .. so it’s like the Automoheels Gang is reuniting for one night too! Don’t miss this!

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I’m headlining Comedy Heights!

I get to headline my favorite show twice a year .. you know it. Comedy Heights. The little show that could 🙂 Comedy Heights was started by Al Gavi and Gina Manning about 5 years ago as a twice monthly show next the coffee at Twiggs in University Heights, and when Gina moved to LA, she recommended me to Al and Al is super smart so he listened to Gina and brought me on as his new partner. We went weekly. Booked some amazing comics and tah dah! 2 years later it’s one of the best shows in town. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. And now I get to headline and play with some fabulous people I love to work with. Tony Calabrese is my feature … plus some of my UBER good friends Toni Torquato and Gene Levin who run their own show at the Space Bar in La Mesa once a week, and newcomer Danielle Marie Thomas. It’s going to be fun … hope you can join us!