2 Fab Holiday Shows at Comedy Heights

Comedy Heights is my home away from home. My ‘joie de vivre’ in the comedy world if you like. It’s a small ‘green room’ next to a sleepy coffee shop in University Heights, San Diego California – and some nights it’s just magic. I book all manner of comedians who I’ve either seen in person, or who’ve heard about the show and send me a link to their set on youtube. It’s a busy time booking 10 comedians a week – but it’s so worth it. There’s just something about what happens at Comedy Heights that keeps me grounded in not only comedy, but in the connection with the real world and fellow human beings.

Providing a laugh and a hug every week in the same spot can be the something in someone’s life that actually means ‘something’. Take Tom Craven for example. Tom is one of our regular audience members who often times pays the rent before the show to treat us, and helps set up the room. It’s not like he’s got oodles of cash, or even a properly working right hand (after a nasty fall left his shoulder dislocated – twice). But coming to Comedy Heights is just part of Tom’s routine because we’ve become like family to him. This year was the second year my husband and I picked up Tom and brought him to our home for Thanksgiving. He’s epileptic and can’t drive a car, or even have a cell phone. He takes the bus everywhere and wouldn’t ask you for a favor ever. He’s who I think of when I think about Comedy Heights.┬áHere’s a person who’s life is truly enriched by the personal connection and of course the comedy. Who couldn’t use a good laugh after all? But its the connection and the deeper friendship that is so much more gratifying. It’s the thing that makes me smile before I close my eyes at night.

And this is the stuff that makes we want to do a show on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve. This is where I want to celebrate the good things. It’s always fun – and it actually means something to someone. What could be better than that?