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Maria grew up in a shack on a lake, on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. Her Dutch immigrants parents thought she was adorable, but her older brother and sister, knew better. Both more than 10 years her senior, they suffered the indignity of minding little miss bossy boots as their parents drove taxi (as immigrants do). She'd yell "Quick! Someone! Bring me a Potty!" She was lucky to have grown up at all! At age 9, Maria traveled with her parents from Australia to Europe thru Asia. It took 9 months. Her perspective about race, religion and culture were forever broadened. Then her parents separated, and before returning to Australia, she spent 3 years in London with her mother, going to public school and cleaning bathrooms to help make ends meet. All that yelling for a 'potty' came back to bite her.



Maria’s keen observations and friendly Aussie style make her a favorite with audiences and give her global comedic appeal. Pt Loma Life Magazine’s 5 page cover article called her animated style ‘fun to watch and simply hilarious’. TV appearances include KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, UTTV’s Comic Strip and The Dr Phil Show. International performances include the Edinburgh and Amsterdam Fringe Festivals, and the Mumbai Laugh Factory. Stateside, Maria performs all over the country in festivals, colleges, clubs and casinos and produces San Diego's 5 Star rated 'Comedy Heights' show every Saturday Night. Maria is also an award winning journalist, and voice over specialist. With 20 years of MC experience and 10 years in full time morning radio, she’s professional and on the spot funny, every time.

"I don't know where her energy comes from. She just hits the stage and it's electric."
Tony Calabrese. Winner Flappers Ultimate Laffdown 2014


"Everything Maria touches she makes better. It's that simple."
Dat Phan. Original Winner Last Comic Standing

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